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January 05, 2023, Islamabad:NDMA Held 2nd National Coordination Conference for Winters Contingencies with Key Stakeholders

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NDMA Held 2nd National Coordination Conference for Winters Contingencies  with Key Stakeholders

(January 05, 2023, Islamabad)—NDMA organized second National Coordination Conference for Winters Contingencies 2022-23 today. Chairman NDMA, Lieutenant General Inam Haider Malik presided the conference. Representatives of Relevant Ministries, PDMAs/SDMA/GBDMA & ICT/MCI, NHA, WASA, WAPDA, PMD, Armed Forces, Emergency services, and SUPARCO attended the conference.

PMD presented the weather forecast for three months ie January, February & March and noted that prevailing fog/frost conditions are likely to add moisture into soil, standing crops and inundated areas of flood zones. 

During conference, PDMAs and Rescue Agencies briefed about winters contingencies  & Disaster Risk Management plans along with stock status for hazard-prone areas. They informed that respective Provincial Emergencies Operations Centers (PEOCs) are fully vigilant of current situation and equipped to respond the emergencies accordingly. Rescue Agencies and Motorway Police apprised of held-mock drills for winters related emergencies. 

Chairman NDMA acknowledged the efforts of relevant departments for effective management of this winter season. He appreciated SDMA for timely response during Pir Chansi Incident. However, he instructed Provincial Authorities to improve the logistics arrangements and tourist facilitation services especially in hilly areas. He underlined the need of active participation of local communities in response and emergency situations. He directed the relevant departments to sensitize the communities for hospitability behavior towards tourists in case any disaster strikes in their area.  

Chairman NDMA highlighted that NDMA is working on formulation of ‘Disaster/risk Calendar’ based on foreseeable disasters for generating region-specific emergency alerts & response which will be subjected to revision by end of calendar year in light of practical experiences. He also apprised the participants of his vision on establishment of remodeled & technology-driven National Preparedness and Response System in the country for proactive approach to disaster management. 

PDMAs were directed to produce disaster management audit of disaster prone areas to pitch guidelines, customized emergency plans and rapid need assessment along with stocking at warehouses and logistic needs.