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April 06, 2023, Islamabad: NDMA Holds Summer Contingencies Coordination Conference with key Stakeholders

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NDMA Holds Summer Contingencies Coordination Conference with key Stakeholders

(April 06, 2023, Islamabad)—In wake of summer-related emergencies, NDMA organized the summer contingencies’ coordination conference today. Chairman NDMA, Lieutenant General Inam Haider Malik presided the meeting and outlined the key discussion areas for conference. Representatives of MoCC, MoHSR, PDMAs/SDMA/GBDMA, Emergency services, PMD, WAPDA, SUPARCO, NHA, Armed Forces, ICT, Emergency Response Agencies, representatives of academia and INGOs/NGOs including PHF, NHN, WHH and HELPING HANDS  attended the conference.

The Conference was organized with a proactive approach to foster coordination among all stakeholders. It aimed to allow them to take preventive measures to safeguard lives, livelihoods, and infrastructure from the potential impact of disasters and hazards over the next 5-6 months including early heat waves, locust attacks, forest fires, droughts, GLOFs, and floods.

Chairman NDMA emphasized development of models & projections for a near-probabilistic approach to enhance preparedness for potential hybrid disasters. This would streamline relief operations through localized research and need assessments to cater local needs effectively. He informed about successful simulation exercises (SimEx’s) conducted by NDMA during March 2023 and suggested to conduct two additional (SimEx’s) on summer contingencies and hybrid hazards with pandemics in the forthcoming months.

PMD shared a three-month weather outlook, indicating that most parts of the country are likely to expect normal to slightly above-normal precipitation levels.

Additionally, the PMD stated that seasonal mean temperatures are anticipated to remain normal to above-normal. MoHSR presented precautionary measures for heatstroke. Project Manager of UNDP GLOF-II project briefed the forum on scaling up of GLOF risk reduction measures in Gilgit-Balistan region. 

PDMAs, GBDMA, and SDMA presented their resource mapping plans, including equipment and manpower allocation, for heatstroke and forest fires in their respective areas. They also shared their awareness campaigns aimed to create awareness amongst the locals. Chairman NDMA directed them to establish a local vigilance force responsible for monitoring forest fires actively. Further, he asked the PDMAs to keep a close eye on local responders by conducting frequent field visits during summer contingencies.

In addition to this Conference, NDMA plans to hold a 3-day interactive session in the last week of April with Govt. departments, universities & humanitarian partners. The focus is to discuss the key findings of the conference on Summer Contingencies Plan and minimize the impact of potential natural disasters in the upcoming months. The goal is to drive collaboration among stakeholders and develop coordinated approaches for unforeseen future events.