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Vision Mission Aim

To achieve sustainable social, economic and environmental development in Pakistan through reducing risks and vulnerabilities, particularly those of the poor and marginalized groups, and by effectively responding to and recovering from all types of disasters events.
To manage complete spectrum of disasters by adopting a disaster risk reduction perspective in development planning at all levels, and through enhancing institutional capacities for disaster preparedness, response and recovery.
NDMA aims to develop sustainable operational capacity and professional competence to undertake the following task:-
  • Complete spectrum of disaster risk management at national level.
  • Act as Secretariat of the NDMC to facilitate implementation of DRM strategies.
  • Map all hazards in the Country and conduct risk analysis on a regular basis.
  • Develop guidelines and standards for national and provincial stakeholders regarding their role in disaster risk management.
  • Ensure establishment of DM Authorities and Emergency Operations Centres at provincial, district and municipal levels in hazard-prone areas.
  • Provide technical assistance to federal ministries, departments and provincial DM authorities for disaster risk management initiatives.
  • Organize training and awareness raising activities for capacity development of stakeholders, particularly in hazard-prone areas.
  • Collect, analyze process, and disseminate inter-sectoral information required in an all hazards management approach.
  • Ensure appropriate regulations are framed to develop disaster response volunteer teams.
  • Create requisite environment for participation of media in DRM activities.
  • Serve as the lead agency for NGOs to ensure their performance matches accepted international standards, e.g. the SPHERE standards.
  • Serve as the lead agency for international cooperation in disaster risk management. This will particular include, information sharing, early warning, surveillance, joint training, and common standards and protocols required for regional and international cooperation.
  • Coordinate emergency response of federal government in the event of a national level disaster through the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC).
  • Require any government department or agency to make available such men or resources as are available for the purpose of emergency response, rescue and relief.