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National Disaster Management Authority

Composition of NDMA
  1. The Federal Government shall, immediately after issue of notification under sub-section (I) of section 3 of NDMA Act 2010, establish an Authority to be known as National Disaster Management Authority.
  2. The National Authority shall consist of such number of members as may be prescribed and shall include [the Director General] as its Chairperson.
  3. There shall be a Director General of the National Authority, to be appointed by the Federal Government, on such terms and conditions, as may be prescribed.  


Mandate of NDMA
  1. Act as the implementing, coordinating and monitoring body for disaster management.
  2. Prepare the National Plan to be approved by the National Commission.
  3. Implement, co-ordinate and monitor the implementation of the national policy.
  4. Lay down guidelines for preparing disaster management plans by different Ministries or Departments and the Provincial Authorities.
  5. Provide necessary technical assistance to the Provincial Governments and the Provincial Authorities for preparing their disaster management plans in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the National Commission.
  6. Co-ordinate response in the event of any threatening disaster situation or disaster.
  7. Lay down guidelines for or give directions to the concerned Ministries or Provincial Government and the Provincial Authorities regarding measures to be taken by them in response to any threatening disaster situation or disaster.
  8. For any specific purpose or for general assistance requisition the services of any person and such person shall be a co-opted member and exercise such power as conferred upon him by the Authority in writing.
  9. Promote general education and awareness in relation to disaster management.
  10. Perform such other functions as the NDMC may require it to perform.
Functions of Various Wings
In order to carry out the assigned tasks / functions, NDMA’s organizational structure is divided into three wings namely Administration & Finance Wing, Disaster Risk Reduction and Operations with functions described below :-
Administration & Finance (A&F) Wing
  • Manage all Administrative and Financial matters of NDMA.
  • Provide complete Administrative Support to NDMA Operations Wing.
  • Order, Procure, Transport and keep record of relief goods.
  • Management of Human Resource and related matters.
  • Management / Maintenance of NDMA transport vehicles.
  • Management all Administrative, Finance and Audit matters.
Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Wing
  • Handling all matters related to Disaster Risk Reduction Policies, Risk Insurance, Flood related issues, Disaster Awareness and National Disaster Management Committee (NDMC).
  • Implement, Execute Projects and Evaluate all matters related to National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP).
  • Monitor and Evaluate Plans, Strategies at National, Provincial, District level as well as civil sector.
  • Mainstream Disaster Risk Reduction into Development sector.
  • Manage International Cooperation, Global Frameworks and Regional organizations.
  • Coordinate with United Nations Agencies, Bilateral / Multilateral Organisations and International Non-Government Organisations (INGOs) / Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs).
Operations (OPS) Wing
  • Manage National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC).
  • Supervise and Coordinate Relief and Rescue Operations (Inland and Foreign).
  • Prepare Situation Updates / Briefs.
  • Make Contingency Plans for the country.
  • Supervise all matters related to Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Teams.
  • Make Briefs / Presentations for Prime Minister, President, Members of Senate & National Assembly and other Dignitaries.
  • Coordinate relief efforts with Federal / Provincial Authorities, Armed Forces and Organisations.
  • Contingency Plans for full spectrum of Disasters faced by Pakistan.