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Islamabad, 03, May 2023: Kuwait and NDMA Pakistan to Collaborate for Disaster Mitigation






Kuwait and NDMA Pakistan to Collaborate for Disaster Mitigation 

Islamabad, 03, May 2023: His Excellency Nassar Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi, Kuwait Ambassador to Pakistan called on Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Lt General Inam Haider Malik, HI (M) in his office today.  

Chairman NDMA expressed his gratitude to the Government of Kuwait and diplomatic team in Pakistan, for generous support during floods 2022.  He shared the significance of enhanced utility of modern technology in creating networked, satellite intelligence on climate based interface and proactive national readiness being developed by Pak NDMA for possible greater usage in region. Pakistan’s capability to project future disasters and accordingly plan mitigation models based on scientific solutions are underway.  Besides disaster risk reduction, the high-end approach will enable teams of experts for dissemination of awareness campaigns and multi-lingual early warning messages through automated system to reach public via all possible means of communication. NEOC will prove to be a model disaster mitigation/management hub for the region, and NDMA will replicate same on provincial levels at later stage, highlighted the Chairman. 

The Ambassador appreciated the envisioned NEOC of Pak NDMA and agreed to formulate strategies for participative investment in pre-disaster planning and management, to reduce loss of human lives and infrastructure. 

They discussed necessity of continued support in the fields of disaster mitigation specifically sharing of satellite feeds/soft wares for pre-disaster predictions, and exchange of academic experts through platform of National Institute of Disaster Mitigation (NIDM) of NDMA for developing shared intellectual repository. The two sides reached consensus on expanding the capacity-building of Pakistan's national disaster response efforts. 

“Kuwait and Pakistan enjoy long history of friendship and brotherhood, the ties between the two countries are rock solid and unbreakable, “Our people are deeply indebted for the support by Pakistan especially when medical professionals were sent to help combat Covid 19”, the Ambassador endorsed while ensuring possible cooperation.